Fiction ∙ 2011
30 min ∙ 16/9
Creole and Portuguese

Festival del Film Locarno 2011
Quinzaine des réalisateurs Cannes 2011
Curtas Vila Do Conde 2011

A film by Basil Da Cunha

Cloud, a young man who greatly enjoys wandering and daydreaming, reluctant to work, prefers the company of dogs and clowns. Facing the indifference of his family and friends, he decides to let himself be guided by his need for freedom and begins his quest for the sunfish.

Basil Da Cunha was born in Morges in 1985. He directed three short auto-produced films, then joined Thera Production in 2008. In 2012, he finished his cinema studies at the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design of Geneva with his first feature film "Até ver a Luz". Since 2013, Basil Da Cunha is a cinema teacher at the Geneva HEAD. In 2017 he shot his second feature film "O fim do mundo".

O Fim Do Mundo · fiction · 107' · 2019
Nuvem Negra · documentary · 19' · 2014
Até ver a luz · fiction · 95' · 2013
Os vivos tambem choram · fiction · 31' · 2012
Sunfish · fiction · 30' · 2011
Next door · fiction · 25' · 2009
Lex Talionis · fiction · 26' · 2008

«As realist as poetic, this little film shot with freedom confirms the talent of a young 26 year old director(...)"
"Sunfish, a short film by the Swiss-Portuguese Basil Da Cunha, will represent Portugal in Cannes : a bowl of fresh air."


Nelson Duarte

And the participation of

Marlene Alexanda Lopes Monteiro
Tuna Alvaro Lopes Manga
Manuel da Veiga Nola
Manuel dos Santos
Careca Vitor Cabral Dom
Nikila Pedro Diniz Machine
Michel Angelo MSG
Umaro Camara Fabio Gomes
Augusto Delgado Buskubu
Antonio Mota Brás Joaquim
Rosa Gomes Andreia
Filipa Pina Tirintintim
Carlos Manuel Correia


Basil Da Cunha

Screenplay and dialogues

Basil da Cunha, Nelson Duarte,
Pedro Diniz

Assistant directing

Pedro Diniz


Basil Da Cunha, José Pereira,
Consiglieri Pedroso


Filipe Tavares


Basil Da Cunha

Sound editing and mixing

Adrien Kessler

Assistant photography postproduction

Laurent Kempf

Color grading

Robin Erard

Graphic design



Thera Production, Julien Rouyet
and Geneviève Rossier


O Som e a Fúria, Luis Urbano
Box Productions, Elena Tatti
and Thierry Spicher
Basil Da Cunha

With the support of

Fondation vaudoise pour le Cinéma, Loterie Romande, Canton de Vaud et Ville de Lausanne
Fonds REGIO Films with the Loterie Romande,
Ville de Renens

Swiss distribution

Box Productions

International distribution

Agancia Portuguaise du court-métrage


RTP2 Onda Curta Award
Panazorean International Film Festival 2012 Mention
Cinesul – Festival Ibero Americano de Cinema e Video


Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes 2011
Curtas Vila Do Conde, Portugal 2011, Compétition nationale et internationale IFF
Locarno 2011, Appellation suisse
Festival Silhouette Paris 2011
Film Black Montréal 2011
Cinesul – Festival Ibero Americano de Cinemae Video
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2011
Festival Internacional de Curtas
Rio de Janeiro 2011
Journées de Soleure 2012
Panazorean International Film Festival 2012
Tampere Film Festival 2012


TV5 Monde 2012
Shorts TV


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