Fiction ∙ 2007
26 min ∙ 16/9

Highschool competition IFF Vaulx-en-Velin 2008

A film by Basil da Cunha

Tarik, a young street thug, roughs up passersby with no apparent reason. But one day, his best friend is victim of a knife attack and must be hospitalized. It's the beginning of an identity crisis.

With Baptiste Coustenoble, Alain Börek, Job Michaël Rouamba, Boubacar Samb and Gueht Mossabu

Basil Da Cunha was born in Morges in 1985. He directed three short auto-produced films, then joined Thera Production in 2008. In 2012, he finished his cinema studies at the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design of Geneva with his first feature film "Até ver a Luz". Since 2013, Basil Da Cunha is a cinema teacher at the Geneva HEAD. In 2017 he shot his second feature film "O fim do mundo".

O Fim Do Mundo · fiction · 107' · 2019
Nuvem Negra · documentary · 19' · 2014
Até ver a luz · fiction · 95' · 2013
Os vivos tambem choram · fiction · 31' · 2012
Sunfish · fiction · 30' · 2011
Next door · fiction · 25' · 2009
Lex Talionis · fiction · 26' · 2008


Baptiste Coustenoble
Alain Börek
Job Michaël Rouamba
Boubacar Samb
Gueht Mossabu

Screenplay and directing

Basil Da Cunha


Basil Da Cunha


Julien Rouyet, Jason Page


Malika Stähli


Amina Djahnine

Original soundtrack

David Tabachnik, Gil De Oliveira, Nicolas Beeharry, Alfaly Samb

Sound mixing

Gilles Abravanel

Color grading

Laurent Kempf


Thera Production, Julien Rouyet


Good Job Productions, Lausanne

With the support of

Ville de Renens
Université de Lausanne


IFF Vaulx-en-Velin, highschool competition


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