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Thera Production
Rue de Mauborget 12
1003 Lausanne


+41 (0) 21 558 50 50

Founded in 2004 by Julien Rouyet and established in Lausanne, Thera Production produces short and feature cinema films with no restriction in format or type. The structure is runned by Julien Rouyet and Kaspar Schiltknecht. Basil Da Cunha is an associate.

After producing three short films by Basil Da Cunha, Thera has produced since 2012 the diploma films of Guillaume Brandt, Badra Haidra, Carina Freire, Colia Vranici, Hugo Radi, Juliette Menthonnex, Julietta Korbel and Colombe Rubini, as well as Louise Carrin's two documentary films, "Black Butterflies" and "Venusia". Between 2017 and 2019, Thera produced its first feature fiction film "O Fim do Mundo" by Basil Da Cunha.

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Julien Rouyet
Kaspar Schiltknecht


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